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Wergle flomp humor poetry contest

wergle flomp humor poetry contest

Hosted by Winning Writers.
Free writing events, home of the Free Writing Events Calendar and Beta Frank Editing!Calendar powered by, the Events Calendar.Find my events helpful?Our free email newsletter offers news about free poetry contests and quality literary resources.Benjamin Taylor Lally of Burlington, MA won first prize and 1,359 for his spoof poem, "First Edition, 2008".About Winning Writers, Inc.All prizewinners are published online at m, along with twelve finalists.Donate 1 on, patreon to keep me ad-free!In that spirit, Winning Writers offers prizes for the most hilariously, deliberately bad poems to be sent to a vanity contest.
These "vanity contests" typically award "semifinalist" status to most contestants to flatter them into buying expensive anthologies containing their poem, as well as personalized plaques, tote bags, trophies, and tickets to an annual convention (595 apiece) where everyone receives an "award".
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Sooja Jones of Thiruvananthapuram, India received third prize and 338 for "Daft Idylls a monumental riff godaddy hosting promo code india on Wordsworth's "Daffodils" in which a fawning representative of m offers fame and fortune for the narrator's poetic flatulence, or "borborygmi".The Wergle Flomp competition spoofs the low standards of widely publicized free poetry contests sponsored by m, the Famous Poets Society, the League of American Poets, and similar operations ( see our list of contests to avoid ).« All Events, the.Winning Writers is today's leading source for poetry contest information.Winning Writers is pleased to announce the results from its seventh annual Wergle Flomp Humor Poetry Contest.Julie Porter of Montclair, NJ received second prize and 764 for "The Rape of the Cock: An Heroi-Comical Poem a classical ode to Lorena Bobbitt.The Rape of the Cock: An Heroi-Comical Poem.Wergle Flomp is the alter ego of British poet David Taub, who submitted several pieces of barely literate gibberish to m, and received semifinalist form letters praising his "unique talent and artistic vision" and offering to include his work in the anthology Promises of Love.838 entries were received from around the world.Our online database, Poetry Contest Insider, ranks and profiles over 750 poetry contests and over 300 prose-only contests.