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Vigina beauty contest

vigina beauty contest

2,766,671 vulva-preference ratings from 134,707 distinct voters were collected.
This made me very concerned about the mechanics of the contest overall.
The vaginas were broken in to "classes and the paper said: ".This fleshy news comes shortly after Miss USA was abandoned by NBC and its hosts, Thomas Roberts and.How did this happen?Then the winners were crowned based off of the score.A little over a month ago, we classroom freebies boggle were teased with talk of a vagina beauty contest.The pizza hut online discount code 50 off original intent of the contest was solely to discover which vulva styles men wanted us to 3-D scan and reproduce onto our product.Class 2 labia are also soft, but they protrude slightly from the labia majora.Chauntelle Tibbals is a sociologist specializing in gender, sexualities, work, and media.There are only three prizes to be bestowed on three superior vaginas.One means not hot, while ten means super hot!I recently wrote about the Labia Library and how amazing I was at all the varying, interesting ways vaginas can look and how it's fascinating that there is no normal, and the universe responded with "there IS stilest!
So Did Texture, the paper called it "rugosity but it was basically texture.
Heres the abstract, written by Unnamed: In this work, we examine data collected during the Autoblow Vaginal Beauty Contest.
To earn the highest ranks, you need to have high-scoring genitalia.
That hole has since been filled, and to vote, you simply need an Internet connection.Youre probably thinking, Okay, thats fine, but what about this years Miss Con-V-niality?Currently, men and women are rating vaginas on a scale of one.Hmmm, aside from the fact that neither population considered here (read: all the pictures submitted and all the people voting) is representative, this analysis of a pretty serendipitous data set is actually really interesting.Classes 3 to 5 display protruding labia minora".No beauty pageant ever has been.".It also provides evidence that both simple and more complex vulvas have a nearly equal percentage of admirers.Roughly 51 percent of voters preferred the first two classes of non-protruding, simple labia.I dont want to say the link is nsfw because its science and all, but you know how we all get when body parts are involved.Not to be confused with Bela Lugosity.Then some scientists (I feel like I'm bending that word to breaking point) looked at the photos, took some measurements, and broke them up into types so we can decide which characteristics and types of vagina scored highest.Write Your Comment 00:59 00:55 00:57 01:42 01:14 01:46 01:22 01:05 01:37 01:00 00:54 00:11 01:03 02:36 00:27 00:32 00:33 00:39 01:54 01:16 02:02 01:28 01:04 00:41 01:04 00:58 01:07 01:01 00:54 00:37 02:35 00:52 03:21 00:41 01:22 04:41 01:03 01:14 01:31 01:27 01:59 05:45.The winner will get 5,000, be flown to Los Angeles to have her nether regions scanned and made into a 3-D sex-sleeve sex toy, and, of course, get a lifetime's worth of bragging rights.