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Has pleaded no contest

has pleaded no contest

The felony counts came after a county grand jury formally accused the countys top prosecutor of willful or corrupt misconduct and began separate proceedings to remove him from office.
The grand jury found that Peterson had engaged in willful or corrupt misconduct in office.
The jail time raises doubts about a possible showdown between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, a champion fighter from the Philippines against whom Mayweather's welterweight success is usually measured.Mark Peterson entered his plea to a single count of perjury.Saragosa said Wednesday she was persuaded to jail Mayweather following his admission that he hit Harris and twisted her arm, and that two of their children, ages 9 and 10, witnessed the attack.31 deadline on that court order.Mayweather had taken cellphones belonging to Harris and the two boys.First elected district attorney in 2010, Peterson ran unopposed in 2014."I've chosen to do what I do for a living because I love the female body and I know that body-shaming is wrong and it's not what I am about Mathers said in a Snapchat.5 before Circuit Judge James Borchard."That's crucial, because every day that picture lives online is another day of humiliation.".
According to the fppc inquiry, Peterson used campaign funds for about 600 personal expenditures totaling 66,372, including groceries, jewelry store bills and movie tickets.
Mayweather has a Jan.
Mayweather also faces a civil lawsuit in Las Vegas from two men who allege he orchestrated a shooting attack on them outside a skating rink in 2009.This article was originally published at 3:10.m.The first-degree charge is potentially a lifetime offense, whereas second-degree is punishable by discount electronics online australia up to 15 years.But if Mayweather is jailed until the end of March, it could cut into the usual eight-plus weeks he takes to train.Habitat for Humanity official Catherine Barnes said Wednesday that Mayweather had not started to log the hours.We have done our jobs in the shadow."The message today is clear: body shaming is not tolerated in the City of Los Angeles Feuer said in a news conference.Police have never accused Mayweather of firing shots and he has never been criminally charged in the case.