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Best social media competition ideas

best social media competition ideas

Im going to let you in on a discount tire terrell tx little secret despite what you were told in grade school, its ok to be a copycat.
This increase in connections and connectivity help boost your contest and product visibility all at once.Look and feel, demands on our attention are already ridiculously high, so your competition needs to catch the eye.Step 2: Do a Twitter search to find out what people are saying Looking at the @ replies lets you see what people are liking or disliking about your competitors.Aaron is the social media manager at m, a comprehensive social media promotion platform that allows businesses to build and manage digital promotions and contests.If thats not reason enough to start getting your Twitter act together, Im not sure what is!Winners will be announced a week on Friday.12 Brilliant Contest Ideas for Facebook Pages (One for Each Month).There will be times when a company has an impressive following on Facebook, but their Facebook engagement rate is just plain awful.Before you go and promise the world to your fans in exchange for their email address, there are some things you need to consider.This will give you insight into any changes they are making to their strategy.Lemonade Stand: Open for Business, how to Create a Sensible Social Media Strategy for Your Business Infographic.
Because companies will often promote new products in their descriptions, keeping a close eye on changes can alert you of new features or products your competitors are rolling out.
This kind of transparency will lower the threshold to participation, and will spare you the headaches later.
Think carefully about what you want to achieve with your competition, and define it before you start thinking about the type of competition.
What do you want to achieve?Viral Coupons entice bargain-basket browsers to sign up with the promise of even bigger savings on your products if they share the competition on social media.Step 3: What type of content are they posting?This is a good starting point and is an indication of whether or not their Facebook strategy is successful and worthy of borrowing.The real beauty of a social media competition is that it allows you to present and showcase your products to a new audience.Some competitions can have multiple rounds to extend engagement; others can be short and sharp today only competitions.